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June 2018 Monthly Newsletter

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We are excited to announce three of our newest team members. Most of you already know these three amazing ladies but allow me to officially introduce
Ashley, Abbie and Colleen.

For those of you haven’t had the pleasure, you know Ashley for her amazing “muffins” during Saturday’s break at our annual event. She has felt God stirring her to a higher level and we are honored she will become the voice for SHAPE and food, glorious food!

Abbie is our daughter and has been one of our incredible SHAPE practitioners. Not only does she know SHAPE inside and out, she is bringing lots of energy and fresh ideas to help us grow and educate. Exciting things are in our future.

Many of you met Colleen at our last two annual Family Reunions (previously known as our symposiums). She holds the position of Master Wordsmith and is responsible for the wonderful Facebook posts and our website SEO (Search Engine Optimization). 

“Hello!  Hi I am Ashley Nanney Professional Chef and Previous owner of two St. Louis based culinary companies.  I am thrilled to join the SHAPE family as Director of Culinary Development.  Stay tuned for restaurants and chefs across the country who are proud to offer SHAPE certified meal options for your patients!”

“Hello everyone, I’m Abbie! As Dr. Todd’s youngest daughter,  I’m here to continue SHAPE’s legacy. I’ve worked in the natural food industry since 2004, am working on my PhD in natural medicine, and have a passion for writing, marketing, and finding new ways to share SHAPE ReClaimed with the world.”

“Hi! I’m Colleen Marble. As a successful SHAPE patient who has been in maintenance for two years, I understand how life-changing this program can be. That’s why I’m excited to bring 22 years of professional expertise as a writer and editor to SHAPE ReClaimed, where I’ll serve as Master Wordsmith and Facebook Strategist.

We are in the final testing phase of launching our new shopping cart program. The deadline for our current “payment by credit card only option” is June 30th. Please refer back to our April newsletter http://shapereclaimed.com/shape-april-2018-monthly-newsletter/ and the column by our CFO, Jonathan Krueger. Should you desire to launch PayStand in your own practice, we would be happy to introduce you to our PayStand connection and help you become better stewards of your own financial overhead. 

We are in the final content editing stage of launching our new website. 

Thursday, Friday & Saturday
January 24th-26th, 2019

Please send your thoughts
and prayers to Linda Howes
and family after the
loss of her mother!

A huge congratulations to Dr. Megan Floarke for welcoming her bouncing baby boy, Zachary Thomas, on April 12th.

Victory Story
By Dr. Pam Wear’s


I had not been a previous patient of either Dr. Wear or Dr. Pam.  I became a patient of Dr. Pam’s after a success story from my sister who lives in another state and is working with another SHAPE ReClaimed practitioner.

I have been hampered with several health challenges which have limited my ability to enjoy life.  I have severe fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome and irritable bowel syndrome.  I had also had a double mastectomy and reconstruction 5 years earlier with a cancer diagnosis.  My husband also has cancer.

SHAPE ReClaimed VS Weight Watchers
By Joan Hogan, RN


My client Ms M, a 65 year old woman with a thyroid condition, Graves Disease, with surgical intervention in 1970 and again in 1977; and then an intervention with radiation, “silver bullet†in 2009. 

She has been taking thyroid medication on a daily basis since then.  She has a history of Scoliosis. She also reported a history of asthma for which she would use an inhaler every day.  Additionally, she had difficulty sleeping. 

She was a member of weight watchers for 7 months. During the time she was following the WW program, she lost a total of 14 pounds.  (Ms M had a keen interest in nutrition and maintaining a weight in which she did not experience extreme back pain) 

It’s official. We’ve been working with our legal team for months and now offer a licensing agreement and certification mark for restaurants and chefs who want to offer SHAPE menu items to your patients.

Our goal is to launch restaurants in every community
who has a SHAPE practitioner.

As you all know, one of SHAPE’s greatest challenge is social isolation when folks start our program. Dining out is difficult. Your patients want to be dedicated to eating anti-inflammatory and stay on plan but joining friends and family is tempting. Being social equals sharing in a meal together. We want folks to enjoy their life and with that comes a healthy social life. It is our hope that we can enroll restaurants all across the country. We want SHAPE to be the voice for anti-inflammatory education and helping restaurants understand what it means to offer anti-inflammatory menu items.

In many of today’s upscale restaurants, you can request a gluten-free or vegan menu. What if restaurants all across the country were displaying our certification mark and offering SHAPE meals. We’re dreaming big!

If you have a hometown restaurant you can open the door of possibility for us to partner, please contact Ashley at ashley@shapereclaimed.com.

Exciting times are up ahead!

Starting in July, we will no longer email the newsletter to individual emails. The monthly newsletters will be posted under Archived Newsletters on our website. We will continue sending a monthly email alerting you that our latest newsletter is waiting for your review. 

WE COUNT ON YOU TO STAY INFORMED and always on top of our living, breathing, ever-changing program updates.


That’s the #1 question we are receiving. Practitioners and patients alike are weighing the consequences and trying to decide. What’s best?  We are convinced it is best to continue taking SHAPE, regardless of how clean the dietary choices. Every SHAPE clinic is facing the same dilemma. Patients are telling us they simply cannot, nor choose not, to be as dedicated to a strict dietary protocol during the summer. Kids are home from school, vacations are priority and many want to “let their hair down.†Most understand when they abandon the boundaries of FasTrac, weight loss comes to a stand still and if they totally abandon what they learned when doing SHAPE, will begin to gain some of the weight they worked so hard to shed. While this is a choice they are willing to accept, they are not happy when the inflammatory symptoms: fatigue, emotional, digestive and sleep challenges,headaches, aches & pains, etc. sneak back into their daily life.

Case Study
By Dr. Brian Ferguson

41 year old female presents with frequent joint pain, lack of energy, fatigue, excess weight, abdominal cramping, bloating and an overall malaise. Patient has been a chiropractic patient at our clinic for two years during which time I brought up the benefits of the SHAPE ReClaimed programs with her and encouraged her to do the program. She was hesitant for several months to try the program as she felt guilty spending money on herself. In February 2018 she began the SHAPE FasTrac Phase I program. 

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