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Thursday, January 24th – Saturday, January 26th

Gearing up for yet another wonderful gathering with
our favorite practitioners!

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As mentioned in previous newsletters, the event is extended another day.

We will teach part day Thursday and all day Friday and Saturday.

You know what that means? More top-notch training, more CE’s available

and more time spent with your SHAPE family!

Announcing the marriage of
Natalie & Scott Bolen!

Our Natalie tied the knot on June 23rd. A big congratulations! Big life changes are happening for her. This month, Natalie joined her husband Scott in Oklahoma working remotely for a period of time. She will still be heavily involved in all things SHAPE.

She looks forward to seeing you at the SHAPE Symposium in January!

Hydration at the Cellular Level
By Dr. Beth Bartlett

Do you have patients who present frustrated at the inability to get rings on/off?  Or maybe they feel ‘full’, ‘bloated’, ‘heavy’, ‘thick’, especially in the hot and muggy weather???

The body is naturally expanding because it is dehydrated and the cells want more water inside the cell, rather than outside the cell.  The cell wall functions as a gradient, so the cell wall will open up and allow water to come inside the cell, only in the presence of minerals.

A couple of suggestions to increase these minerals:  utilize the trace mineral product, pH ReClaimed and/or Celtic Sea Salt.

Guardian Ecclesiastical
Medical Association TM
GEMA is a non-profit religious organization offering:

  • – Licences
  • – Registrations
  • – Board Certifications

to qualified Holistic Health Practitioners and Christian Counselors.

A Case Study Of
Chronic Arthritic Pain
By Dr. Anthony Mills

38 year old, caucasian female presents with years of chronic low back pain from arthritis.Beginning Weight: 287

2 back surgeries resulting in the fusion of the 4th and 5th lumbar vertebra.

Patient required at least 2 ablations a year for extreme pain that was 8-10 on a scale of 10.

Patient developed insomnia due to the intense pain and her anxiety increased.

Celebrex, Ambien

Patient began SHAPE ReClaimed FasTrac 5/2016 and moved to Phase II in 6/2017.


Dear friend of homeopathy,

We hope that you’re as excited as we are about the Americans for Homeopathy Choice
Save Homeopathy Summit! Speakers announced!  Read below!

Each day for 7 days, beginning on Monday, July 9th, AFHC president Paola Brown will be interviewing people who love and use homeopathy every day.

In this series you will:

  • – Learn shocking information about FDA actions that are already limiting our access to homeopathic remedies!
  • – Understand why homeopathy needs everyone to take action before the situation gets worse!
  • – Gain practical advice about how to treat acute illnesses and use your remedy kits!
  • – Learn from amazing leaders in the homeopathic industry!

This amazing summit will be practical, informative, inspiring, and educational!

Brandi G’s Victory Story
By Serena Kumar, NP’s WARRIOR

I began SHAPE ReClaimed in November of 2017 hoping to kick start some much needed weight loss.  After having two children and putting myself last for several years, my weight had topped out at 236 pounds.  I was tired, my feet hurt, my energy was non-existent and though tired, I was having trouble sleeping at night.  My health care provider and I had danced around the subject each time she checked my blood work, and finally one day I said “today is the day.”   I started the following day – following the program to a tee.  I was really worried about feeling hungry and that I was going to have to give up some of my comfort foods including my flavored creamer in my coffee and bagels, but knew I needed to do this for me and my family.

A Dietitian’s Nugget of Knowledge
By Beverly Prentice, MS, RDN/LD

A good doctor recognizes and treats illness, while a great doctor promotes overall health and wellness with an integrative/functional medicine approach.  Traditionally, physicians, physician’s assistants, nurses, and nurse practitioners were the primary medical team members who performed health and physical assessments, yet other allied health professionals are specifically trained to provide critical portions specific to their disciplines.  For example, registered dietitians are trained to offer nutrition-focused physical exams that consider body systems, muscle and fat stores, oral health, swallow/breathing, appetite, and the affect of pharmaceuticals in food and drug interactions and nutrient depletion.  Enhancing your SHAPE practitioner toolbox with continuing education that enables you to provide nutrition-focused physical assessments may improve patient outcomes in your practice.

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