Join our SHAPE Family

Welcome to SHAPE ReClaimed. Thank you for taking the time to consider SHAPE ReClaimed for your practice. We are excited to partner with you while Transforming Health Care: One Patient at a Time! If you are a licensed health care practitioner, we look forward to working with you.

This portion of the website is password protected. Should you be interested in becoming a SHAPE practitioner, we ask that you email a copy of your license to, along with your contact information. Once received, we will contact you personally. If you meet SHAPE ReClaimed, LLC requirements, you will be given the appropriate password to allow you entry into this portion of the website.

SHAPE ReClaimed is a practitioner-monitored program and all training documents are guarded to protect our SHAPE practitioner family.

After you have taken the time to review our website in its entirety, we ask that you call us direct (636-207-6600) giving us the green light to send you electronic copies of our required documents. You will receive a Practitioner Agreement, Account Information Form, and Non-Disclosure Agreement.

Once you have completed and signed the above documents, we will receive a copy of all electronic forms for our records. We will begin the steps of opening your account and adding you to our SHAPE family.

All Missouri physicians must provide a Retail Sales Certificate by email in addition to the other required documents. All necessary paperwork must be received and approved before any product is shipped. Once we review all documentation, we will contact you to confirm your distributorship.

Receipt of paperwork initiates the shipment of a Practitioner Starter Package

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