Guardian Ecclesiastical Medical Association (GEMA)

GEMA is a non-profit religious organization offering:

  • – Licences
  • – Registrations
  • – Board Certifications

to qualified Holistic Health Practitioners and Christian Counselors.

  • – You will be licensed, certified, and/or registered to offer health care God’s way legally under your religious rights according to the United States Constitution.
  • – GEMA has requirements and standards to ensure the members are able to practice safe and legal manner under the guardianship of the organization’s membership.
  • – Members will be offered opportunities via regular listings to promote their services, and offered qualified discounts to support and develop their services.
  • – Members (even at the application point), will be able to apply for liability insurance.
  • – Members may purchase professional grade food supplements and take advantage of other benefits to support and grow their holistic health services. Christian Counselors will find discounted benefits as well.
  • – Webinars and online resources are available for members so they may strengthen and build safety, community, and reliability for healthier business and ministry practices.
  • – GEMA is not only dedicated to “GUARDING” your holistic health services, GEMA is also committed to your “GROWTH.” For that reason, we have teamed up with Holistic Health Link (HHL) to boost your SEO and listing hierarchy on Google; as well as improve local visibility and increase brand awareness. HHL will expand your exposure with a flow of new people by providing you a one-page custom (optimized) directory listing.

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