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START WITH WHY: how great leaders inspire action. -simon sinek

How the food you eat affects your gut. -Shilpa Ravella 

How the food you eat affects your brain. -Mia Nacamulli

what’s wrong with what we eat. -Mark bittman

The killer American diet that’s sweeping the planet. -dean ornish

Listening to shame. – Brene Brown

The power of vulnerability. – brene brown

what’s wrong with our food system. -birke baehr

how sugar affects the brain. -nicole avena

sugar – hiding in plain sight! -robert lustig

How does the thyroid manage your metabolism? -Emma Bryce

What does the pancreas do? -Emma Bryce

how do your kidneys work? -Emma bryce

what does the liver do? -emma bryce

Why sitting is bad for your. -Murat Dalkilinc

the benefits of a good night’s sleep. -shai marcu

Caffeine! bite sci-zed.

your brain is more than a bag of chemicals. -david anderson

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