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Thank you for visiting SHAPE ReClaimed. Most of this website is developed for the general public. Our goal is to help you make an educated decision regarding SHAPE and whether it is a program that will help transform your health. Though many are drawn to this practitioner-monitored program for weight loss, we set ourselves apart from typical programs, as we are more interested in helping you reclaim total health.

SHAPE practitioners are not just about weight loss but rather total health restoration. Choosing a SHAPE practitioner ensures you’ll be in qualified hands on your journey toward restoring your health and revitalizing your life.

SHAPE ReClaimed offers everyone an opportunity to watch a PowerPoint introducing our program. This presentation is geared to help the potential patient make their decision as to whether they are interested in working with one of our SHAPE practitioners across the nation.

After studying our website and choosing to use SHAPE as a springboard for transforming your health, we ask that you hold realistic expectations. While our program is excellent, there will be times your body’s chemistry must catch up. You may experience rest periods. That does not mean the program has stopped working. To the contrary….so many positive changes are still occurring. Please realize it took time for your health to decline and it will take time to ReClaim vibrant health.

Much success on your journey!

Watch our Presentation

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