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Bill K Case Study By Dr. Julie Smith

Male DOB 9/27/54 63 yo

Started SHAPE ReClaimed:  10/13/2017

Major complaint:  Diabetes, Blood Pressure, Lipids

History:  heart bypass surgery, polyp removed from bladder, cataract removed left eye

Medications:  Metformin, atorvostatin, bayer aspirin, amlodipine, hydrochlorothiazide, clopidodrel, metropolol, finofibrate,  onglyza

Supplements: centrum silver

Patient’s reason for doing SHAPE:  Remove inflammation in his body, reduce or eliminate medications.   Feel better!  More energy needed for daily tasks.  Patient is still working full-time as an engineer at a near by manufacturing/development facility.

Bill opted for Phase I FasTrac

Starting weight:  265lbs

ROS:  Heart sounds WNL, respiratory sounds WNL, ears clear of cerumen, patient wears glasses for far-sightedness, good bowels sounds, no abdominal tenderness.

Vitals:  Height 5’11” B/P  134/68,  oxygen 92, heart rate 81

Measurements: 1” above waist 51”, waist 52.5”, 1” below waist 5o”


10/23/17 Day 10 liberated 10.6 lbs BP 132/68

11/6/17 Day 24 liberated 15.4 lbs BP 138/70

11/20/17 Day 38 liberated 22 lbs BP124/68 BS 120 but pt stopped his morning metformin this AM

12/11/17 Day 59 liberated 30.4 lbs BP 122/64 off of onglyza back on 2 metformin as per MD

1/8/18 Day 87 liberated 38.8lbs BP 128/62

1/29/18 Day 107 BP 128/80 as per MD cut metformin and atorvostatin in half

Blood test revealed trigs 125, Heme A1c 5.9, total cholesterol 84

2/19/18 Day 129 liberated 49lbs

134/76  BS  110-120  had a colonoscopy with 1 polyp removed

3/12/18 Day 149  BP 132/74  BS  91-126

4/2/18 Day 170  liberated 60.6 lbs   BS 90-121

The last 2 weeks of blood surgars ranged from 82-113 with the average being 99.71

Blood work for lipid profile taken on 4/23/18 shows:

Total cholesterol:  132

HDL:  47

Triglycerides: 104

LDL: 66

Patient is going into Phase II at the writing of this case study (4/24/18) and continues to do well.  He will revisit all medications with his medical doctor.

Dr. Todd’s teaching assessment:

There was a song from my youth by Peter, Paul & Mary titled “Blowing in the Wind”. It was written by Bob Dylan (to you younger doctors, these were quite famous musicians!). A line from it was “When will they ever learn?” When will medicine ever learn that the majority of issues affecting the health of this nation are, in fact, lifestyle problems and not a lack of prescription chemicals? How many millions of dollars could be saved by a change in diet? Lipids plummet as does blood pressure, blood sugar stabilizes, energy improves, immuno systems decide to kick “on” and all with the awesome side effect of shedding weight. “When will they ever learn…”

P.S. Dr. Julie taught the amazing breathing class at our 2018 SHAPE Symposium.

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