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Dear friend of homeopathy,

We hope that you’re as excited as we are about the Americans for Homeopathy Choice
Save Homeopathy Summit!

Speakers announced!  Read below!

Each day for 7 days, beginning on Monday, July 9th, AFHC president Paola Brown will be interviewing people who love and use homeopathy every day.  In this series you will:

  • Learn shocking information about FDA actions that are already limiting our access to homeopathic remedies!
  • Understand why homeopathy needs everyone to take action before the situation gets worse!
  • Gain practical advice about how to treat acute illnesses and use your remedy kits!
  • Learn from amazing leaders in the homeopathic industry!

This amazing summit will be practical, informative, inspiring, and educational!

The Save Homeopathy Summit will stream live from the Americans for Homeopathy Choice Facebook page from July 9 – 15 @ 5 pm PST / 7 pm CST / 8 pm EST

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Save Homeopathy Webinar Series

Schedule of Speakers

  • Monday, July 9th – Gina Conrad – Topic: Eye-Witness on how the FDA may be limiting homeopathy.  Cilla Whatcott – Topic: Cilla will talk about how her documentary, Real Immunity, advocates for homeopathy & how to treat wounds using homeopathy.
  • Tuesday, July 10th – Jim Turner – Topic: Keeping homeopathy safe from government action.
  • Wednesday, July 11th – Tina Quirk – Topic: Homeopathy throughout the world.
  • Thursday, July 12th – Denise Straiges – Topic: Becoming a homeopath.
  • Friday, July 13th – Joette Calabrese – Topic: Empowering moms to use homeopathy.  Remedy Spotlight: Ignatia.
  • Saturday, July 14th – Ron Whitmont – Topic: The AIH and how they are protecting homeopathy.
  • Sunday, July 15th – Ananda More – Topic: Her documentary, Magic PIlls: Promise or Placebo.

See you on Monday!

You are braver than you think. & more powerful than you could ever know. Together, as one voice, we can protect and preserve our access to homeopathy.

Hugs & homeopathy

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Homeopathy Choice

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